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Här hittar du alla våra bodys med snygga och rockiga motiv.

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Stylish and rocky bodys.

Here you will find all our bodys that we have on the page. Since we obviously want even the little ones to look really cool, there's both fun and bodys with more about the characters of the rock.

Getting a good start is always important no matter what it is. But of course you must also get it in life. So why not give away a nice body to someone who just had children or why not buy it for your own. Anyway, let the little ones be cool too and be able to wear something rocky or why not a funny text?

It's not much that gets so much cooler than a baby with attitude and always a fun element for every event.
Bodyn's function.

Bodyn often replaces a T-shirt in the first year, so it's not so practical with a shirt that will only be cheated because the child usually stays down before it can start walking or standing. From there, it is practical with a knot down to the "sweater", which makes it not slip up and in that case, skin is brought on. It's only when they start getting bigger, as it becomes practical with a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt instead of a body.