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5FDP - Game Over hoodie

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5FDP - Game Over hoodie.

5FDP, FFDP, or Five Finger Death Punch is an American hardcore band formed in Las Vegas in 2005.

The band has delivered songs like Wash it all away, Jekyll And Hyde, Walk Away, Bad Company, Battle Born.

The band is famous for its cheeky reaper with a red hand over the face and their great penchant for the knogger they have in their logo. This hoodie has all this combined.

On the front, their reaper is seen with a knee iron in the mouth and immediately visible the band's logo.

On the back stands the reaper and holds knot tattooed fists and in his hands he has both brass and chains with various weapons.

A hoodie with a great dose of attitude that also fits well with Five Finger Death Punch with his infamous singer Ivan L. Moody.

100% cotton

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