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Tube scarf

Are you looking for a comfortable, practical and stylish tube scarf? Then you will find here a wide range of different types of tubes.

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The tub scarf is a very practical and multifunctional winter garment that should be in every man's wardrobe. What distinguishes the tube scarf from other scarves is that you wear the tube scarf over your head. Therefore, you do not have to completely tie the scarf and the tube scarf is also easy to pull up over the face to protect against snow, cold or even sand.

The tablecloth is thus a very practical garment for which more and more people have caught their eye. The garment is therefore becoming more and more common in our everyday lives and therefore also now comes always tube scarves with new tough features and designs.

We have a wide range of tubes where you will find both patterned or single colored tubes. We also have an assortment of tube scarves with print in the form of skulls and zombie mouths. If you pull up the scarf over your nose and mouth, you are transformed into the terrifying character of the subject.

Tub scarf in winter.

The tube scarf is usually made of polyester microfiber and is made to insulate. The garment is very handy when you have to do some type of activity during wintertime where you need to be able to protect your neck but also face from wind and cold. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to see the tubes around the ski tracks and ski slopes.

Unlike e.g. balaclavan (robber hat), you can protect the face with the scarf and then easily pull the scarf down just to protect the neck again. The garment is also a practical winter garment for children because one cannot drop the garment or that the garment can be worn too easily.

The tube scarf is clearly a must during the winter months.