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With us you will find a wide range of bandanas with mixed designs. A classic bandana is completely square and has a so-called Paisley pattern. Paisley pattern has a pattern depicting a vegetable shaped like a drop.

We have bandanas with paisley patterns along with many other types of patterns.

What is a bandana?

Bandana is a snuff, which means a large square and often patterned handkerchief. The name snuff is derived from the fact that it was originally used when cheating after using snuff. The English name is really Kercheif but the snuffy cloth is most commonly known as bandana.

Bandana comes from order Bandhana which freely translated means "a knot".

Bandanan is a very classic garment that has been used as a headband, headgear, scarf or handkerchief for over a hundred years.

What is paisley pattern?

Paisley is a pattern where you can see a green scarf shaped like a curved drop. The vegetable is recurring and together with other details forms a pattern. Paisley comes from Persia where it was initially called Buta which in Hindi means flower. During the 19th century, the pattern became very popular in clothing and during the 60s that brought the pattern back to life when it appeared on both wallpapers and ties.

Pailsey whose name comes from the Scottish town of the same name. The city is said to be the origin of the pattern's popularity.

Paisley patterns have long been common on bandanas and have even become known by the name bandana patterns.

Bandana as a breathing mask

One image we often have of the bandana is cowboys with bandana around the neck or up over the nose. There we would probably like to see the bandana as a garment for bandits to hide their face. That was the case, of course, robbers hid their faces with the bandana by first wearing it around their necks and then pulling it up over their noses.

But the mask was also worn like the Palestinian shawl (shemagin) did in the Middle East. They had the bandana around their necks so that they could quickly pull it up over their faces in the wind that drew sand in the air. The bandan then acted as a breathing mask that prevented sand dust from inhaling.

If you then turned on the bandana, it protected the neck from the sunlight.