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Här hittar du ett helt gäng av fräcka ringar i olika typer av material och formar.

Här finns alltifrån klackringar till partnerringar.

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Rings with skulls, chains and thorshammers in rocky style.

Here you will find all our stylish and rocky rings that fit all hard rockers.

The rings are available in stainless steel and silver but exactly what they contain for material can be found on the respective ring.

If you have any requests for rings or what we should take in please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ring with skull.

Rings with skulls are very popular in many different style cultures. The rings are found in hard rockers, bikers and goths and others.

We have a bunch of different rings with skulls where the skulls are found together with another pattern like aces from deck, as animal heads or as big skulls that grip the finger around.

Signet Rings online.

Signet ring is a ring with a flat top where the top is often adorned with ititials, coats of arms or emblems.

We have a bunch of cheeky signet rings with everything from thunder hammer to anchors and compasses.