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Här hittar du ett brett sortiment av PVC patches och tygmärken för kläder, ryggsäckar med mera.

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Buy PVC patches

Here you can browse through a wide range of patches in different functions and have them sent from our Swedish warehouse. Here you will find everything from humorous, military, statements or medical patches. Our patches are made of high quality PVC rubber and are usually attached with Velcro.

Take a look at our range and find the patch that suits you.

Military patches

Fabric badges and PVC patches are something that has been used a lot in the military to show insignia, names, units and more. Something that is also used is marking of the different blood groups. By marking your blood type, you can make it easier for healthcare in the event of an injury. When you mark the blood type on your equipment, it is then extremely important that it is the right blood type, otherwise it can mean extreme danger.

As many of our clothes are made with inspiration from various military garments such as field coats and pilot jackets, there are also many equipped with panels for patches. What does not fit better with durable rubber patches that also got inspiration from the military brands.

How to attach a patch

The different brands can be attached in different ways. PVC patches have in most cases the back lined with Velcro with the hooks' side of the Velcro. These are then attached to any panel with loops. Many patches include a loose panel with loops that you can quickly place in any place and from there choose where you want your patch.

Many military garments have already attached a panel to, for example, breasts and sleeves. These panels are for you to be able to find the best PVC patches and fabric brands.

Many fabric badges use that you sew the marks on the surface where they are to be attached. These fabric marks are usually round or square for easy machine sewing.

There are also fabric marks that are fitted with a back that adheres quickly if it is ironed. Then remember to first iron the surface so the fabric is completely flat. Feel free to preheat the surface before placing fabric marks. In order not to risk damaging fabric marks when ironing, we recommend that you place a piece of fabric that you are not afraid of between the iron and the fabric mark. Then press the iron for about 30-40 seconds. After this, we recommend that you turn the garment inside out and then repeat the process from this direction as well. These instructions are not otherwise stated by the manufacturer of the fabric brand.

Never try to iron on a PVC patch.

Swedish patches

As a Swedish supplier of patches and fabric brands, it is obvious that we have Swedish patches with Swedish national symbols, flags and more. With a wide range of clothes in the Swedish M90 camouflage, you of course also want Swedish PVC patches with Sweden's beautiful blue / yellow colors.

Here you will find everything from simple Swedish flags, the Swedish flag with the outlines of Sweden to Tre Kronor.

Attach your patch to a jacket, backpack, hoodie, T-shirt or similar and show that you are one with Sweden.

Patches and textilepatch

What we count as patches in our range are the brands we have that manufacture in PVC rubber. Patches are, however, a broad concept for all kinds of labeling and more, but to divide it into product groups, it is only "patches" the brands with us that are made of PVC.

When it is instead marks embroidered on fabric panel, they instead go under the concept of fabric marks. This is part of how you can use substances on the selected surface.

Our goal is to have one of Sweden's largest assortment of both PVC patches and fabric brands.