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Fishing hats for men, women and children

Discover our wide range of fishing hats, perfect for both men and women. From classic models to functional boonie and bush hats, our hats offer protection and style for all your outdoor adventures. Each hat is designed to provide optimal comfort and practical solutions in all weathers.

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From field to fashion: The journey through the history of the fishing hat

Known for its versatility and practical design, the fishing hat has been a faithful companion throughout the ages. Originally designed to protect fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts from sun and rain, these hats have evolved from simple headwear to iconic fashion statements. Today, they come in a variety of styles from classic fishing hats to modern boonie and bush hats, available for both men and women.

Your Guide to the Perfect Fishing Hat

Choosing the right fishing hat can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. Our hats are designed to offer comfort and functionality in all weathers. With features such as ventilation to keep your head cool, water-repellent materials and pockets to store small items, our hats are more than just a style accessory. The sizes vary from S to XL and thanks to our size guide you can easily find a perfect fit.

Why Choose Us?

When you buy a fishing hat from us, you are buying more than just a hat. You get a partner in your adventures. We offer:

Dedicated customer service: Quick responses via email, ready to assist you.
Free shipping: On orders over SEK 800.
Generous return policy: Minimum 30 days open purchase.
Exclusive member benefits: Become a member of our customer club free of charge and receive 90 days of open purchase and exclusive offers.
Reliability and experience: We have been an active part of e-commerce since 2003 and offer fast Swedish deliveries directly from our warehouse in Sölvesborg.