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Here we have collected all our old man hats in different models. Here you can find everything from Golf Caps, Baker Boy Caps, Flat Caps and more.

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Flat cap

The old man's cap, as it is most often called in Sweden, has many names. Flat cap is probably the name that is used most for this collection of different caps. Other names are Scally cap and Golf cap and more. The cap is popular in different clothing styles during the 2020s, despite the fact that it is actually a very old accessory. The origins of the caps have been successfully traced all the way back to northern England during the 14th century.

However, the big breakthrough of flat caps was delayed until the 19th century, when various models of Flat Caps really took off in both England and Ireland. Since then, the popularity of old caps has come and gone in many different genres around the world.

For example, we have been able to see certain models gain momentum when golf and its special clothing styles came from Scotland. A model av gubbkeps also appeared a round in hip-hop and skate during the 1990s after the clothing brand Kangol brought out new modern variants.

Baker Boy Caps - Peaky Blinders

During the 2010s, the old model of cap, which is usually called Baker Boys Caps, gained momentum again, due to the TV series Peaky Blinders. The Baker Boy Cap is not a flat cap but very closely related in its design and is therefore often mixed with just flat caps.

Baker Boy Caps are also often called Newsie cap or Newsboy cap. For sure, we can see the purple guy standing with a cap that goes down over his eyes and shouting out the day's news headlines, hoping to sell more issues of the day's newspaper.

Baker Boy Caps are the same type of caps that we see on the construction workers who in 1932 sit 260 meters up in the air and eat lunch on a järnbalk, in the picture called "Lunch atop a skyscraper". A well-known image that was photographed during the construction of Rockefeller Center.