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Here you have all our stylish belts and belt buckles.

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Our stylish men and women belts.

The belts should be both practical and stylish, but perhaps even discreet. There are many different variants and functions that suit different occasions.

Perhaps the most common belt is a so-called jeans belt. That belt is a slightly wider belt especially for men who should fit to keep the jeans in place. Why it is a bit wider is because it should be both comfortable and that it should fit in the loops that are on the jeans. The absolute best quality of these belts is when it is in genuine leather as it does not tear in the same way as an artificial leather does.

Artificial leather, unfortunately, has some poor properties when it comes to wear, since in heat and cold and use it does not keep up as well while a leather belt is made to cope with these conditions.

So leather imitation is not really recommended but there are other possibilities if you do not want a leather belt. There are so-called fabric belts or canvas belts that keep in a completely different way. As these are threads that are intertwined, this has a similar durability as a leather belt.

These canvas belts usually have a button closure like a strap which means that it locks the belt by clamping it and does not use holes that a regular leather belt does.

About the belt buckles.

Some belts are sold without any buckle and this is to allow you to choose exactly which buckle you want for your belt. You can have several buckles but only one belt and change when it suits you.

Rivet belts and printed belts in leather online.

The leather belts, rivet belts and printed belts have many combinations of belts and all have their charms. We have collected a small assortment of cool belts here to be able to offer you only the best. We have some printed belt belts that are terribly stylish and that we have belts that are a little more classic as our Jack Daniels belt. Then we also have really cool rivet belts that both have regular rivets but also a little cooler shape that you will not find anywhere else.

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