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Beard Jewelry

Our whole range of beard jewelry.

To adorn the beard is an old tradition and beard beads have been found both by the Vikings, Pirates and indeed by the ancient Egyptians. The jewelry can be threaded both on the beard and in the hair and then locked with a rubber band.

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Our beard jewelry.

Here you will find all our beard beads, hair beads and other beard jewelry. Beard jewelry is an old tradition found in many different cultures according to the history books. The beards were adorned with the Vikings, pirates and Egyptians just to name a few.

Many of our beard jewelry have motifs that are taken from the Norse mythology with symbols and patterns that meant a lot to the Vikings who lived here in Scandinavia.

Beards with wolves.

Here you will find our beard beads with the shape of wolf head where the beard pearl is threaded through the wolf's neck so that the beard then comes out of the wolf's mouth. The beard bead with wolf head is available in both silver and bronze.
The wolf is a strong symbol in the north and is seen in the eyes of many as the predator of the night, which persecutes and chases us, but the wolf is also a symbol of fearless warriors, strong leadership and defended by innocents.

Beard jewelry with hammer of Thor.

Thor's hammer or Mjolnir as the hammer is actually the hammer that was used by Asagud Tor according to Asatron. The hammer has become a very strong symbol of asatron and can probably be considered as important symbol of religion as a corset is for Christianity. The hammer was forged by the dwarves Sindre and Brokk.

With us you will find beard jewelry with a torso hammer that protrudes from the round shape of the beard.
How to get the beard in the bead.