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Long beanies

Here you will find all our long caps. That is, caps in the longer model that have some hang.

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Long caps.

There are many different models of different caps. Where you can have knitted, thin cotton caps or why not caps that can be combined and used as a neck collar when needed. But what we have listed here in this category are caps that are a bit longer no matter what their function or fabric is.

Practical with long caps.

The thing that can be very practical with a longer cap is that you can at any time just fold it up to get a completely different design on your cap. Unlike a short cap that usually only fits in the shape for which it is purchased. How easy each cap is and how you can customize it is easier to see on each cap's product page.

The hat is primarily a practical garment but has also recently become more and more a fashion garment as the hat is used both when it is warm and when it is cold. In the past, the cap was only used to keep the cool away while nowadays you want it to be more than a function and it is something that you want to be neat and maybe used to fit in a certain style.

We hope you find your favorite hat here with us. And don't miss out on all our other great caps that you can find here.