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MOLLE modules

Here you will find a wide range of modules and accessories for our backpacks with MOLLE systems.

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What are MOLLE systems?

To understand what MOLLE systems are, it is probably beneficial to know what MOLLE is an abbreviation of. MOLLE is an abbreviation of Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Freely translated to Modular lightweight load-bearing equipment. MOLLE systems were originally developed for military purposes, but their practical function is now also available for the civilian market.

So what is MOLLE system now? MOLLE system is a system with attachment points in rows of fabric tape or laser cut fabric. The attachment points are usually located on the outside of backpacks or special vests. At these attachment points you can then attach modules with bags, pockets and holders of various kinds. The fastening loops are also functional to fasten other things in, such as ropes and carabiners.

The MOLLE system thus makes it possible to expand backpacks and other things with more compartments. It is also possible to quickly replace the various modules and adapt what you bring with you according to the need for the day. Another important feature is accessibility. With a MOLLE system, you can strategically place the various gaskets you need to have easily accessible and quickly accessible, such as mobile phones, liquid containers and first aid.

Modules for MOLLE systems

The modules for MOLLE systems are available in many different versions and each has its own purpose. The modules are usually intended to increase the volume of the gasket or to make a certain gasket easily and quickly accessible. Examples of the most common modules for MOLLE systems in civilian life are bottle holders, mobile phone pockets and first aid.

When hunting, it is common to have a module with space for cartridges and then with a secure attachment of the cartridges. When hiking and outdoor life, it can be good with a module for, for example, a map.

The MOLLE system's mounting loops can also be used for hanging various equipment. A stainless steel mug with a carabiner hook as an ear can easily be attached to the loops. You may have with you a comm radio or walkie talkie as they are often called can be attached to the side of the backpack. Attach rope to the side of the backpack or tie a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Yes, the list of uses is endless.

MOLLE pockets and pouches

The pockets or "pouches" as they are often called are available in lots of different sizes and designs. Here is something for every type of packing. The most common in civilian life is a pocket for a mobile phone or first aid. If, for example, you are out walking in the woods or hiking, it may be good to have the mobile phone available, but you may not want to carry it in your trouser pockets with the risk of both exposing the mobile phone to stress or the clumsiness it gives with a mobile phone on the leg. far.

Having patches and dressings easily accessible and quickly accessible is perfect when you are away. Packing this down with the rest of the backpack's packing makes it easily cumbersome when the accident occurs.

MOLLE system on backpacks

In civilian life, MOLLE systems are most common on backpacks. The backpacks then usually have the fastening loops over the front of the backpack and / or on the side of the backpack. This gives the opportunity to expand otherwise already spacious backpacks even more and make a certain part of the pack easily accessible.

If you have a backpack with fastening loops for MOLLE systems, you will need to buy some flexible modules. You will not regret it!

MOLLE system on vests

In the military, it is very common with MOLLE systems on vests. These vests are then usually only for attaching different modules to the fastening loops, although there are several examples where the vests are also protective vests of various kinds. The advantage of using just one vest with MOLLE system is that you can easily replace the different modules and you then only carry what is most important when the vest is used.

It is also possible to attach other types of equipment such as comm radio, ropes and more directly to the body.

Even though the vests with MOLLE systems are mainly used in the military, we still have a range of vests with fastening loops here in our range.

Use the modules without MOLLE system

The modules that can be purchased for MOLLE systems are designed to fit the different types of mounting loops that are available. But this certainly does not prevent from using the modules in other contexts. The modules are usually fastened with fabric straps that are fastened with different types of buttons. This means that the modules can just as well be attached to, for example, belts / belts, nets and more.

Many larger modules also have carrying straps so that you can use them as a separate bag when needed.