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Panties without print

Here you will find all our panties, hipsters and other underwear for women.

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Basic lingerie ladies.

We have collected all our underwear here that have no print. This is only for you to be able to find stylish and stylish lingerie but you also find here some other nice lingerie that may not really fit in with the print on. We also have here the so-called basic underwear that you can find a little cheaper than when they need to be prepared. So if you are looking for a big pack of panties then you have come right.

Hipsters, panties or string?

Dear child has many names and when it comes to lingerie for women it is usually gathered under the name trosa but since there are many different models that suit different purposes, the different models have slightly different names.


A string pant is one of the smallest underwear and when it does not appear that you have underwear in tight pants. For example, leggings or workout tights, it is usually more comfortable to wear string.


Hippsters usually seem to be a little more comfortable panty as it is a little wider and more comfortable and is a bit more like the panty but with wider fabric on the side. This can be found both as a low waist and with a higher waist.

The panty

The classic panty is a bit of an intermediate of these two above as it is a little narrower than the hipster but hides more than the pantyhose.

Boxer panty

Then there is also a so-called model called boxer pant and it is an equivalent to the men's boxer shorts but in tighter design than the men's boxer shorts are.