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Crop top online.

The power jerseys have really accelerated during the 90's and since then the trend jersey has gone into waves. By the end of the 10s, you could see an increased trend of power jerseys again and many brands brought in new cool models.

With this, one could see trends with new models of power sweaters in lace fabrics and shirt-like models. These never really came in the 90s, but developed from the more developed peaks of the 00s and 10s.

Long-sleeved and short-sleeved crop tops.

When you think of a sweatshirt, you will often see a short top with a sporty look, but the fact is that long-sleeved sweatshirts in short models have also emerged more and more. Of course, the sporty figure-like sweatshirts remain, but hoodies, jackets and sweatshirts that leave the belly bar are becoming more and more common.

Cool crop tops.

T-shirts themselves show a great dose of attitude, but many of our t-shirts also have nice details that make them a little extra cool. It can be a stylish corset lace or open shoulders that give the tummy a extra touch of toughness.

Many sweaters are black in fabric and a little rocky in style. But we also have power shirts in other colors such as white power shirts and olive green short tops.

Tight tights give a sporty cool look with a lot of attitude.