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Jumpsuits & bodies

Here you have all our jumpsuits and bodys.

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Jumpsuits dam.

Can this be the perfect garment? Here you have a combination of both top and bottom in one and the same garment also called jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit is available both as a lovely mys garment that is nice to maybe change around at home but also as really nice and stylish party clothes. Then it's both practical and neat.

The shorter model is actually called Playsuite but also this one is here on this page with us as we do not have the largest selection but have focused on those we think are really good looking instead.

Bodys lady.

A body is, in its most common form, a children's garment then with a knee at the bottom but in the pond model it is like an extended top but that merges in just like a panty.

This is one of the trendiest garments right now on the lady side and has many different models and designs that you may not have seen so much of before.

When the garment is on, you do not see very much difference from a regular top or a linen but the practicality of never having a shirt that slides up or maybe something that you always want to sit perfectly perfectly regardless.

The bodyn is often available in many different models as it can be anything from a plain black or a leopard pattern to it going out and looking more like a sweatshirt or party top. The garment has many looks and will probably happen even more in the next few years in dambodys.