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Women's culottes

Discover our women's culottes - the perfect combination of style and comfort. Learn about the history of these trendy pants, their benefits and how you can style them for different occasions.

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Culottes for Women - Trendy and relaxed

What are culottes?

Culottes, also called knee-length shorts, are a unique combination of trousers and shorts. They are wide and airy like a skirt, but at the same time practical like trousers. These trendy pieces have become a constant classic in the wardrobes of women around the world.

The culottes have a high waist and a wider leg. This unique shape gives an elegant and feminine look while offering mobility and comfort. These versatile trousers can be worn in many different ways, from casual everyday looks to more formal occasions.

Whether you prefer a minimal and stripped down style or like to experiment with trends, the culottes can be easily adapted to suit your personal taste. With the right styling, they can give your look a modern and trendy twist.

History of women's culottes

The origins of culottes can be traced back to 16th century France, where they were worn by male riders and soldiers. These wide knee-length breeches offered mobility and comfort during riding and combat. In the 18th century, they became part of the fashionable costume for men at court.

It wasn't until the 1960s that culottes made their entrance for women. This decade was marked by a revolution in fashion and women's rights. The culottes became a symbol of women's liberation and equality, as they challenged the traditional skirts and offered a more practical form of clothing.

Since then, culottes have gone in and out of fashion trends, but they have always retained their place as a stylish and timeless staple. Today, they are worn by trend-conscious women worldwide, who appreciate their elegant and comfortable look.

The benefits of wearing culottes

Wearing culottes offers many benefits that make them a must-have for modern women. Here are some of the main benefits:

Versatility: The culottes can easily be worn from the office to evening outings, just by changing the accessories and shoes.

Comfort: The wide shape and the light material make the culottes incredibly comfortable to wear, while giving a stylish look.

Figure flattering: The high waist and wide legs create a smooth silhouette that accentuates the waist and hides any problem areas.

Airy: The culottes are perfect for hot summer days as they offer ventilation and coolness.

Trendy: These pants have been a constant trend for the past few years and show no signs of going away anytime soon.

Culottes are a timeless classic that offers both style and comfort. These versatile trousers can be worn in many different ways, from the office to evening outings, just by changing the styling and accessories.

It's no wonder culottes have become a perennial favourite. Regardless of your body shape or personal style, there is a pair of culottes that will suit you perfectly. We hope you find your new favorite trousers here with us.