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Jeans with really nice wear and tear in a slim model.

We have taken back very nice jeans in women's models and at really good prices. All jeans are under 400kr, which has to be seen as good prices, and especially since it often includes something like belts or other nice details that fits these jeans. Most jeans have a lot of wear and tear if not very weary but we also have models that only have clothes like a bit of new difference in the fabric. You choose which jeans you want, but most are in the model slim and stretch.
Jeans skirts and stylish jeans for girls

Girls and skirts with a bit more rocky style can be found here. We also have many delicious leggings and worn jeans in women's models. All our ladies jeans and leggings are replaced on a regular basis. When it comes to our leggings and tjejjeans, there are many with wear and tear or cool print and have a very unique cool style. We hope you like our cool leggings.
Worn jeans lady in slim and regular fit.

The most of the jeans we have here are in slim fit with strech and if nothing else, it's usually slim fit with strech. But we try to get it in all the descriptions of our jeans.

How do you want your jeans and what size do you want on your worn jeans? We would like to meet your wishes to get a better product range so that you can be satisfied.

Are you looking for jeans, tights and nice jeans for girls and similar products. Everything we have at Dunken.se is within the fashion, rock decor and the like.
You will find lots of clothes that have their very own cool style only here at Dunken.se.
In the top left menu you will find more cool products.