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Suntrip kläder

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The company trip with Suntrip.

It is a true family film classic where a group of Swedes go down to the warmth of the Canary Islands and everything that is usually done on a trip to the warmth is reflected there. An amazing film that you must see. It is as relevant today as when it was created.

Sällskapsreasn is a Swedish comedy film that was released in cinemas in Sweden on August 22, 1980. The film is directed by Lasse Åberg and written by Bo Jonsson and Lasse Åberg. It is the first film in a series of films that are very popular in Sweden and have reached cult status. Many Swedes have seen the film and many lines from the film are well known and often referenced by many Swedes.

The plot follows Stig-Helmer Olsson, played by Lasse Åberg, an old-fashioned and shy Swede, who travels to the fictional city of Nueva Estocolmo on Gran Canaria. Before the trip, he meets the psychiatrist Dr. B. A: son Levander, played by Magnus Härenstam, to treat his fear of flying. Levander tricks Stig-Helmer into smuggling money for another tourist, Gösta Angerud, by asking Stig-Helmer to deliver a Christmas present to Levander's aunt in Nueva Estocolmo. At the airport in Sweden, Stig-Helmer meets and befriends a man from Norway, Ole Bramserud, played by Jon Skolmen. Among the other tourists are Angerud, the unmarried sisters Maj-Britt and Siv, the heavy drinkers Berra and Robban who are looking for a liquor store called Pepe's Bodega, as well as the newly married and camera-enthusiastic couple Storch.

Sällskapsresan has become a classic in Sweden, even though it was not well received by Swedish critics at the premiere. However, the film was a great success in cinemas and over 2 million people saw the film, making it the most watched Swedish cinema in Sweden.

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