Hellfire Club

Do you love Dungeons and Dragons, Stranger Things or maybe just Eddie Munson? No matter what, it's time to become one of the members of the now legendary Hellfire Club. A club whose members all walk around in the same epic shirt.

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In the fourth season of the TV series Stranger Things, we are introduced to the mysterious guy Eddie Munson. Eddie is the leader of that school Hawkins High School's official Dungeons & Dragons club, the Hellfire Club. A role and club that Eddie Munson takes very seriously.

The members have a lot in common, but one thing that stands out is that they all wear the same shirt. A longsleeve with 3/4 long sleeves in black and white fabric. The Hellfire Club logo is printed on the white body.

Hellfire Club clothing

The fourth season was similar to the rest of the series. A success!

We viewers were then introduced to new characters, especially Eddie and the Hellfire Club. It is therefore not surprising that the shirt we have, which is identical to the one we see in the series, is as incredibly popular as it is. The model sells out all over the world in connection with the release of the various episodes of the series.

We are therefore grateful to be able to offer a wide range of various different garments with the Hellfire Club logo and other motifs inspired by the TV series. Here you can of course find the popular longsleeve, but also hoodies, T-shirts, stickers and more.

Who is Eddie Munson?

As we wrote before, we were introduced to Eddie Munson during the TV series' fourth season. Eddie is the leader of the Hellfire Club where, among others, Mike, Lucas and Dustin are members. He also plays electric guitar in the band Corroded Coffin. At first, Eddie is a figure that Mike and Dustin seem almost afraid of. At least when they have to tell them that Lucas won't be able to attend tonight's game night of the Dungeons & Dragons board game.

But during the course of the series, a different image of the character is built up and his dark sides turn out to be only a superficial shell. Underneath the shell hides a caring and likeable guy.

It is therefore not so strange that Dustin Henderson in the series' fourth season has a lot of competition from Eddie Munson when it comes to choosing the season's viewer favorite. Eddie who became Dustin's great role model.