Stranger Things clothes

Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana - or rather, welcome to our world of Stranger Things merchandise!

Just like in the enigmatic TV series, we have collected a treasure chest full of T-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, mugs, Christmas sweaters and much more that will take you on an adventurous journey through the mysterious world of Stranger Things.

Join us as we explore our range, inspired by characters, monsters and iconic motifs from the series.

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Stranger Things clothes

In 2016, Netflix released the hit series Stranger Things. You are immediately thrown into the mystery when the little guy Will Byers disappears without a trace on the way home from his friends. Friends Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair immediately set about searching for their missing friend. The search bears fruit, although it is not their friend Will who turns up. Instead, they find the panicked girl named Eleven, who eventually turns out to have supernatural powers. This is the start of a grand adventure in the small town of Hawkins. A town that turns out not to be quite as small as it looks. Because what happens when doors to other dimensions are opened and what can possibly move in this other dimension?

Yes, Stranger Things is a fantastic TV series and it is therefore not surprising that the demand for merchandise is as great as it is.

As you can probably see, it is mainly clothes that we have from Stranger Things with many different popular prints that you both see in the series but also the actors on the shirt. You will find a lot of nice prints on our Stranger Things clothes.

Wide range of Stranger Things T-shirts

"Let's start with a blast from the past!"

Our Stranger Things T-shirts are not only comfortable, they're also packed with nostalgia. Just as Eleven uses her supernatural powers to fight the Demogorgon, you'll use your style to fight boredom with these unique T-shirts.

These T-shirts are not only comfortable, but they're also full of references to the series' 1980s setting. From the iconic logo to images of the characters and their adventures, these T-shirts are sure to transport you back in time.

So why settle for a simple T-shirt when you can have one that's full of nostalgia and unique style? Get your hands on one of our Stranger Things T-shirts and unleash your inner Hawkins nest.

Hellfire Club Baseball Jersey: Feel Like A Real Member

"Step into the world of Hawkins High School with our Hellfire Club baseball shirt."

Want to feel like a member of the exclusive Hellfire Club? Then look no further than our Hellfire Club baseball shirt!

This shirt is a tribute to the mysterious club and its members, just like the characters in season four of the series. Step into the world of Hawkins High School and feel like a true member of the Hellfire Club D&D club.

The Hellfire Club baseball jersey features the iconic Hellfire Club logo on the front and comes in classic black and white. The shirt is made of high-quality materials and is both comfortable and durable, perfect to wear to the next watch party or out on the town.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Stranger Things or just discovered the series, the Hellfire Club baseball shirt is a must-have for any fan. Don't miss the chance to feel like a true member of this exclusive club.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Warming mystery

When the nights get chilly in the small town of Hawkins, it's time to wrap yourself up in a Stranger Things hoodie or sweatshirt. Just like Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven, you will be ready to face all the supernatural challenges waiting around the corner.

There are sweatshirts with the Demogorgon, hoodies that are taken directly from "Camp Know Where" or why not a warm Christmas sweater with motifs from Stranger Things Christmas.

Caps: Protect your head in the shadows:

Get ready to face the shadows of Hawkins with our Stranger Things caps. Just like Sheriff Hopper, you'll be ready to explore the unknown and protect the city from evil. This is best done in a Hellfire Club cap or why not a cap similar to Dustin Henderson's "Thinking cap".

Season 4

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, we viewers are introduced to the initially odd figure Eddie Munson. A character that we get to know more and more over the course of the series to finally get a completely new picture of the character. Eddie became a real viewer favorite, and it's perhaps not so strange that his D&D club Hellfire Club is the merchandise from the series that sells absolutely the most.

With us you will find some new popular things such as Hellfire Club which has become really popular with their stylish clothes. You can of course find this with us and they are available in many different models. The same models as in the series but also on other types of clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies but above all as the classic raglan longsleeve and t-shirt that you can see in the series.

The fourth season of the Netflix series also brought us new classic merch like Dustin Henderson's "Thinking Cap" and the new character Argyle's T-shirt from the pizzeria Surfer Boy Pizza where he works as a pizza delivery boy.