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Here we all have our clothes from the American cartoon character Popeye. Almost all clothes with Popeye have humorous prints and usually a link to the character of the cartoon character.

In the assortment of fun clothes from Popeye you will find T-shirts, hoodied, sweatshirt and more.

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Fun print with Popeye.

The clothes from the cartoon character Popeye are filled with humor and often humor related to the character of the cartoon character. It's no secret that Karl-Alfred's biceps grow and become ten times as big when he eats spinach.

Here you will find fun prints like "I'd flex but I like this shirt" and "All this and brains too!" together with a Popeye that stretches their muscles.

Who is Popeye?

Popeye is an American cartoon character created by E.C. Segar. Popeye was published in the daily press where the series got its start in 1919 but Popeye did not appear in the series until 1929.

What many people do not know is that Karl-Alfred was actually a subsidiary of the series. The series was initially about Olivia and her boyfriend Harold Hamgravy, brother Castor and her parents Cole and Nana. Popeye appeared as a ship that was hired by Olivia's brother Castor.

After taking part in the series of occasions, Popeye disappeared again but was forced back by the readers when he came to become so popular. With the series running, then the boyfriend Harold Hamgravy and Olivia and Popeye disappeared.