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My Little Pony kläder och prylar

Upptäck vårt omfattande sortiment av My Little Pony-merchandise, perfekt för fans i alla åldrar!

Från mysiga kläder och unika muggar till bedårande gosedjur och mer, våra noggrant utvalda produkter firar den magiska världen av Equestria.

Oavsett om du är en långvarig Brony eller en nyfiken nykomling, hittar du den perfekta presenten eller samlarobjektet för att visa din kärlek till Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash och alla dina favoritponnyer. 

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Welcome to Equestria - your one-stop shop for all things My Little Pony!

Have you ever dreamed of diving into a world filled with magic, friendship and rainbow colored ponies? Then you've come to the right place! At Dunken you will find the portal to Equestria where you can dress up, drink and surround yourself with real My Little Pony joy every day.

A wardrobe bursting with magic

T-Shirts & Hoodies: Here, all Bronies are allowed to wear their favorite pony with pride. In our assortment there is a selection of T-shirts and hoodies. Filled with completely magical motifs that celebrate these classic ponies.

Tank top: For days when the sun shines as bright as Rarity's diamonds, our tankinis have your back—literally.

Magical Mugs & More: Every adventure starts with a cup of tea or coffee, and what could be better than drinking it out of a My Little Pony mug? Whether you're Team Twilight Sparkle or prefer Fluttershy's soft charm, we've got the mug for you.

When did My Little Pony actually come out?

My Little Pony is a franchise that has become a dear part of the lives of many children and even adults since its introduction. What began as a toy line launched by Hasbro in the early 1980s has evolved into an extensive media franchise that includes animated series, movies, toys and a variety of other products. Its history reflects not only the changes in children's culture over time but also the changing ways in which stories can be told and consumed.

Origins and first generation (1980s)

My Little Pony was first launched in 1981 as a toy line by Hasbro, with the first ponies hitting store shelves in 1982. These original ponies were characterized by their colorful bodies, manes, and a distinctive "cutie mark" on one side of their bodies. They were meant to appeal to young girls and quickly became a huge success. From the toys, the franchise expanded into an animated special "My Little Pony" in 1984, followed by an animated series that ran from 1986 to 1987, and also a feature film in 1986. This era, often referred to as G1 (Generation 1), established My Little Pony as an enduring part of 1980s popular culture.

Second and third generation (1990s to 2000s)

During the 1990s and early 2000s, My Little Pony underwent several reboot attempts with varying degrees of success. Generation 2 (G2) was launched in the mid-1990s, with a completely new design that was sleeker and more like a real horse. However, this generation did not have as much success and was more popular in Europe than in the United States.

Generation 3 (G3), introduced in the early 2000s, returned to more traditional, powerful and colorful designs and had better success, especially with a number of direct-to-video films and specials that helped keep the franchise relevant.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010s)

The fourth generation of My Little Pony, known as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, launched in 2010 and quickly became a cultural sensation. Created by Lauren Faust, this iteration featured a stronger focus on stories, character development, and themes of friendship and inclusion. The series not only became popular with its intended young audience, but also won a significant following among teenagers and adults, known as "bronies". This generation included nine seasons of the television series, a feature film, and several spin-off series and films, further expanding My Little Pony's reach and influence.

Ongoing popularity today

My Little Pony continues to be a relevant part of popular culture, with new iterations, including a fifth generation (G5) that takes the concept in new directions while maintaining the core principles of friendship and magic. Each generation has built upon and adapted to the cultural and technological landscape of its time, demonstrating the franchise's ability to innovate and continue to enchant new generations of fans