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Here you will find our range of clothing and other merchandise with Marvel's mutant Wolverine.

Marvels Wolverine

Marvel's character Wolverine we probably associate most with the X-men today as he plays a major significant role in the films about the X-men. But in the comic books, Wolverine was a character who appeared regularly in various magazines in the Marvel Universe. He first appeared in The Incredible Hulk in 1974.

In addition to the X-Men, Wolverine has also been a member of The Avengers, where he was part of The New Avengers, which was released in 2005.

Wolverine is thus a human mutant. A human being born with a mutation, it wants to have a change in its DNA that gives the individual altered traits compared to a common variant. Wolverine or James "Logan" Howlett as he is actually called is born with claws that he can force out between his knuckles. Wolverine also has a strong self-licking effect, which also results in him aging very slowly. It also means that he has a strong resistance to diseases, drugs and various poisons.

Wolverine was born as early as the end of the 19th century. The fact that he is aging so slowly has, according to the newspapers, he fought with the Canadian military during WWI and together with, among others, Captain America during WWII.

During the latter, Wolverine was recruited by Team X and as a member of Team X, Wolverine had false memories implemented in his consciousness. Later, Wolverine was also kidnapped for what came to be known as the Weapon X Program where he was subjected to experiments. Among other things, he got the metal adamantium forced on his skeleton and thus also the claws that he forces out between the knuckles. Instead, he gave this awfully painful process the sharp metal claws that we are used to seeing him today.

After escaping from the Weapon X Program, Wolverine began working for the Canadian intelligence service and became Canada's first superhero.