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Here are all our products with Marvel's own parasitic extraterrestrial character. We are of course talking about the anti-hero Venom.

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Marvel's Antihero - Venom

Venom is originally a creation made by Marvel fan Randy Schueller. When Marvel saw Randy's Venom, they liked the creation so much that they bought Venom for $ 220. Venom is a parasitic alien figure that clings to its host and takes over its consciousness. Venom as a parasite in the body of its host can in the host body then communicate directly to your host.

Venom's first host in the Marvel Universe was Spider-Man. It was Spider-Man who happened to release Venom from the prison he was imprisoned in his form of black liquid. Spider-Man then comes in contact with the liquid that clings to and begins to feed on Spider-Man. When Spider-Man realizes that Venom is parasitizing on him, he finally succeeds with the help of Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch to free themselves from the symbiote's control. Spider-Man's rejection of the symbiote aroused great disgust in the symbiote, which means that he and his future hosts will do everything to destroy our super spider.

Later, the reporter Eddie Brock will host the extraterrestrial symbiote and he will then be the first Venom. Eddie Brock is the most well-known and most common of all Venom's hosts and also the host we get to follow in the movies about Venom. Eddie Brock in his form of Venom fights many battles against the previously mentioned host - Spider-Man.

In S.H.I.E.L.D. so Venom is considered to be the form of life that constitutes one of the absolute greatest threats to humanity. Along with famous names like Magneto, Doctor Doom and Red Skull.