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Here is our entire range of merchandise with Marvel's version of the asa god Thor.

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Thor - from asagud to cartoon character

Thor is, as we all already know, one of the most prominent gods in the asatron. Marvel's artist Jack Kirby was very fascinated by old legends and therefore chose to create a superhero character of the Fonnordian god. A fun fact is that Jack Kirby did this already in the 50's during his time at the competing publisher DC Comics, but the Thor we now know was created under Marvel's brand. In Marvel Universe, the entire Asgård with Oden, Tor, Loki and Freja appears as another planet, which protects Midgård (the earth).

It is then natural that Thor gets a role as a superhero on earth in Marvel Universe.

Thor has divine powers in the form of superhuman strength, speed, durability and longevity. Just like according to asatron, Thor in Marvel Universe has a hammer called Mjölner and the ability to create and control thunder.

Thor was one of the first superheroes to become part of the Avengers group when he was forced to face his brother and nemesis Loki.