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The Punisher

Here you will find all our products with Marvel's vengeful anti-hero The Punisher. Here are hoodies, T-shirts or why not a nice The Punisher patch to put on the military jacket or backpack.

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The Punisher - comic character, movie character and own TV series

The Punisher is one of all the characters we meet in Marvel's fantastic comic books. Like all Marvel characters, The Punisher first appeared in the comic books to now have both its own film and its own TV series. In both film and TV series, The Punisher acts himself and you do not come across the other classic characters from Marvel Universe. But in the comic books, on the other hand, he meets Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man just to name a few.

In fact, the first time The Punisher appeared in Marvel's work was in The Amazing Spider-Man # 129 from 1974. Then in the role of an assassin who was out to murder Spider-Man.

However, The Punsher appeared in the second season of the superhero Daredevil's TV series, where they both met. On the TV screen, The Punisher got his own film in 1989 with Dolph Lundgren as the avenger, a new film in 2004 where he was played by Thomas Jane, a third film in 2008 where he was played by Ray Stevenson and finally his own TV series 2017 with Jon Bernthal in the lead role.

Who's The Punisher?

The Punisher is a man, without any direct superpowers whose wife and children were murdered by the mafia. The murder of his family is the driving force behind his revenge on criminals. At first, it is the people in the mafia who were behind the murder of his family who are the targets. But when he has avenged his family, he still has a great thirst for continued revenge. He takes this out on various criminals who have the misfortune to get in his way. Although his focus is like a hero to fight crime, his rage, methods and behavior still make him an anti-hero.

The Punisher, whose real name is Fancis "Frank" Castle, has no superpowers as previously mentioned. But his time in the military has given him extremely good knowledge of weapons, guerrilla warfare and hand-to-hand combat. This, together with his furious rage against crime, makes him a nightmare for the criminals who happen to him.

The Punisher is known for wearing black clothes with a large skull printed all over the T-shirt.