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Here you will find all our products with Marvel's classic super spider - Spider-Man.

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Spider-Man on shirts and T-shirts

Here we have collected all our licensed clothes with Marvel's superhero Spider-Man. Here are both T-shirts, shirts and hoodies with Spider-Man, both for adults and for children. We also have lots of other types of merchandise where Spider-Man often appears as part of the superhero team The Avengers. Here you will find everything from bedding to coffee cups.

Spider-Man is one of Marvels by far with classic and well-known superheroes. It is therefore obvious that we should have Spider-Man in our range of both adult and children's clothing.

Who is Spider-Man?

Spider-Man is an orphaned teenager named Peter Benjamin Parker who lives with his uncle Ben and aunt May. At a science show, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, which resulted in him being exposed to a mutation. The mutation gave him a spider agility and proportional strength along with increased athletic abilities as well as the ability to attach to walls and ceilings. Peter, who is a very intelligent teenager, develops his own weapon that allows him to fire a self-adhesive net like cobwebs.

Peter Parker first uses his new talent to become a new TV star and to make money. But when he ignores a fleeing thief who shortly afterwards robs and murders his uncle Ben, his journey towards law enforcement begins.

Spider-Man is like many other of Marvel's superheroes created by the fantastic Stan Lee together with the artist Steve Ditko. Stan Lee got the idea for Spider-Man after the huge success of The Fantastic Four. There was then a great teenage demand for comic books and Stan Lee therefore had a character picked out that the teenagers could identify with. That's how Spider-Man was born.