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Iron Man

Here we have gathered our entire range with Tony Stark or Iron Man as he is better known as.

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Iron Man T-Shirts and more

Here we have collected all our T-shirts and other licensed merchandise with Marvel's classic superhero Iron Man. Iron Man is in many ways Marvel's equivalent of DC Comics' Batman. An ingenious billionaire who lacks superpowers, but who, thanks to his and others' ingenuity, can develop equipment that helps the hero to fight forces that are much stronger than their own.

Who is Iron Man?

Tony Stark was born into the Stark Industries arms group. When Tony is kidnapped to create a weapon of mass destruction for his kidnapper, he suffers a very serious chest injury, which he manages to save himself by building an "arc reactor" in his chest. Instead of building a weapon of mass destruction for his kidnapper, Tony starts building on a robot suit instead and with his reactor in his chest as a source of power, he manages to bring the suit to life. This helps him escape the captivity of his kidnappers and he eventually manages to escape home to the United States. Once there, he lets his company Stark Industries further develop his suit, which gives him the suit for Iron Man.

Iron Man debuted in the comic book Tales of Supense # 39 in March 1963. Initially, writer Stan Lee used Iron Man to explore the various themes of the Cold War in the comic book world, playing the role of American technology and industry in the fight against communism.