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Guardians Of The Galaxy

Here you can find all our clothes and stuff from the Guardians of the Galaxy!

A gang of intergalactic villains is forced to fight side by side to stop evil from taking over the universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a great movie based on the Marvel series.

The movie of course contains Sci-fi, action and adventure, but also a large dose of humor!

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Who are the Guardians Of The Galaxy?

If you thought The Avengers was an odd composition of heroes then it's hardly anything compared to the group we get to meet in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. Peter Quill whose mother is from the earth and whose father is a "being of light" as his mother expresses it before his death. Peter escapes from the hospital but is abducted by a spaceship. 26 years later, Peter lives in space as smugglers and looters and is known as "Star-Lord".

Peter betrays his boss in the ruthless Centarier Yondu Udonta's gang and the hunt for Peter begins

On his escape, Peter meets Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Everyone is really looking for Peter and the prey he betrayed his loot for.
Long story short, they set off on a crazy space adventure that is both exciting and humorous. There is even more humor when they join up with Drax the destroyer, a somewhat unintelligent muscular tuff who wants to avenge his family.

Guardian Of The Galaxy T-shirts and other merchandise.

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