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Doctor Strange

Here you will find all our products with Marvel's figure Doctor Strange.

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Who's Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is one in a line of all Marvel's superheroes created by Stan Lee. Here with series creator Steve Ditko who Stan Lee also created Spider-Man with. Doctor Strange debuted in the comic book Strange Tales # 110 in 1963.

But who is this masterful magician who goes by the alias Doctor Strange? Stephen Strange is his real name and he was a world famous and selfish neurosurgeon. But when he has a car accident and injures his hands, he can no longer work, and at the same time loses what made him significant and successful. In a fight against depression and hopelessness, Stephen Strange searches for a cure and ends up with a hermit who goes by the name "The Ancient" and who lives in the Himalayas. As a disciple, "The Ancient" Stephen Strange learns to master magic with, among other things, telepathy, energy release, teleportation and astral projection.