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Here are all our products with Marvel's superhero Daredevil.

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Who is Daredevil?

Dardevil is one of all the superheroes created by series creator Stan Lee and here with artist Bill Everett. Daredevil first appeared in his own comic book Daredevil # 1 in 1964.

Daredevil's real name is Matt Murdock. In childhood, Matt has an accident where he gets a radioactive substance over him. The radioactive substance makes Matt completely blind to his eyes, but the exposure also causes his remaining senses to go beyond normal human ability and it gives him something like a "radar feeling". Matt's father is a well-known boxer named Jack Murdock, who alone raises his blind son Matt. After a conflict over corrupt boxing matches, Jack is murdered and Matt is orphaned. To protect himself, Matt begins to hone his physical and superhuman abilities and after meeting sensei Stick, he becomes a very skilled martial artist.

Matt he later succeeds with very high grades graduating from law school. Matt then acts as a lawyer during the day where he fights crime with the law book. Where he and colleague Foggy form the law firm Nelson & Murdock. At night, on the other hand, he puts on his devil's costume and fights crime with a little more physical methods.