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Captain Marvel

Here we have gathered all our products with Marvel's superwoman Captain Marvel.

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Marvel's Superwoman - Captain Marvel

In the comic books, Captain Marvel is actually the name of several different superheroes from the magazines from Marvel Comics. Most occur in Marvel's main universe, which we know as the Marvel Universe. In the early 50's, Captain Marvel was owned by Fawcett Comics and was then the hero we know today as Shazam. However, Fawcett Comics was sued by DC Comics as the latter felt that the hero was too similar to their hero Superman.

They then stopped publishing Captain Marvel in 1953, but in the late 1960s, Marvel got the brand "Captain Marvel" printed in a first series. In order to maintain the brand, Marvel Comics has since published "Captain Marvel" every few years. This has led to several ongoing series, single series and even one-shots with characters that go under the alias Captain Marvel.

But with Marvel Cinematic Universe releasing a movie under the Captain Marvel brand where we get to follow Carol Danver's role as Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, the name has become known to us as Marvel's own superwoman. This Ms. Marvel appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes # 13 in 1968, where she initially lacked superpowers. But after the year later being exposed to an explosion in Captain Marvel # 18, Carol Danver got the superpowers we know her to have.