IT - Pennywise

Welcome to a world of horror and entertainment, where Pennywise, the nasty clown, takes center stage.

With us you will find an exciting collection of merchandise inspired by both Tim Curry's and Bill Skarsgård's terrifying interpretations of this classic horror icon.

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Pennywise T-Shirts that will make your heart skip a beat

Our T-shirts are a tribute to Pennywise, and they come in two terrifying variations. For those who prefer the classic horror charm of Tim Curry, we have T-shirts that reflect the timeless horror film from 1990. Here you will find images of Tim Curry in his iconic role as the evil clown who haunts Derry.

For the brave souls who dare to face Bill Skarsgård's more modern and terrifying version of Pennywise, we have T-shirts with his hideous face and rare smiles. Be prepared to scare away the faint of heart when you wear these masterpieces of horror fashion.

Posters that take you to the terrifying world of Derry

Our posters are like a portal to Derry's nightmarish universe. We have two unique styles that will send chills down your spine.

First we have the carnival themed posters that look like they were taken straight from the movie. They capture the mysterious atmosphere of Derry and let you feel the dark seduction of Pennywise. These posters are perfect for turning any room into a scary theme park.

For those who want something more personal and intensely scary, we have portraits of Pennywise. These posters are full of detail and capture the brutal beauty of this fearsome character. Every time you look at them you will be reminded of the sinister threat that lurks in Derry.

So if you love 'IT' and are ready to embrace the horror, then our range of Pennywise merchandise is perfect for you. Be careful when exploring our products – you never know when Pennywise might sneak back into your life. Welcome to Derry, where nightmares come true!