Home alone

Here you will find our entire range of merchandise from the films - Alone at Home. The classic Christmas movie with Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister.

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Clothes with "Merry christmas ya filthy animal"

In the second movie, Kevin McCallister gets away from his family at the airport and ends up on the wrong plane. This allows him to spend Christmas himself in New York, rather than with his family in Florida. Kevin then checks in at one of New York's finer hotels - the Plaza Hotel.

When the hotel staff is supposed to confront Kevin in his room, Kevin overpowers staff through an old comic gangster movie called in Swedish, Panik in the gangster world. There, the crazy gangster boss screams, among other things, "Merry christmas ya filthy animal" when he fires a lot of shots.

This scares the staff so that they flee the floor.

T-shirts and other merchandise from Alone at Home

The films with Macaulay Culking as Kevin McCallister have become real classics and especially around Christmas time. Kevin, as a 10-year-old, is not only forced to celebrate Christmas himself. He must also fight the two burglars and bandits Harry Lime and Marv Merchants (also called WET BANDITS).

This obviously makes Kevin brave and his brilliant traps both hurt and humiliate the two thieves.

We have here a whole bunch of lovely merchandise paying tribute to these films, which probably looks as brilliant as Kevin's own traps.