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He-Man - Master Of The Universe

Here you will find a large selection of clothes with the characters from Master Of The Universe and with its main characters He-Man and his nemesis Skeletor.

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Master Of The Universe and He-Man at Dunken.se

During the 80s, the cartoon series Masters Of The Universe came out and the series quickly became a real classic. Here you meet Prince Adam and his friends on the planet Eternia. On this planet we see a medieval world filled with magic and sorcery, along with sci-fi technology.

In this world, Prince Adam's alter ego He-Man is in a constant battle against the evil Skeletor. A battle to stop Skeletor from conquering Eternia and discovering the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Castle Grayskull is an ancient skull-shaped fortress that possesses great power and magic.

In our assortment of merchandise, we find colorful motifs with the various characters from the planet Eternia. There are clothes with He-Man himself, but also with the slightly less handsome Skeletor.

He-Man and Master Of The Universe outfits

We cannot take you to the planet Eternia. But what we can offer you is a wide range of clothes and such that are directly imported from the planet Eternia and will definitely make you feel like part of the magical world that Eternia actually is.

Here you will find lots of clothes with the different characters on both sides of Eternia.