Garbage Pail Kids

Here you will find a wide range of merchandise from the black humorous and somewhat disgusting kids from Garbage Pail Kids.

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Garbage Pail Kids as collector's card

From the beginning, Garbage Pail Kis was a series of collector's cards from Topps. The cards began selling in 1985 and they depicted different child characters where one was more grotesque than the other. Cards with black humor and grotesque versions of cartoon characters.

In 1987, the characters from the collector's card went to film. The film was no direct success. Later, a TV series was also produced with the characters also released on DVD.

Sales went down fairly quickly and have gained momentum again since 2003. Then they released seven new series with The Garbage Pail Kids. In 2010, they also re-issued the old cards under the name "Flashback", which also included new cards with the heading "What happened next?".

In 2012 came another series called "Brand-New Series".

Garbage Pail Kids on clothes

Here we have a great range of clothes where you find the motifs of the grotesque characters. Here are both T-shirts and mugs.