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Garbage Kids

Welcome to our Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise Collection!

We're proud to present a fun and retro-inspired line of products that celebrate the beloved Garbage Pail Kids cards and their unique, humorous aesthetic.

Whether you are a long-time fan of GPK or simply love to mix a dose of humor and irony into your everyday life, we have something for you in our collection.

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Garbage Pail Kids cards as posters

Our range of Garbage Pail Kids posters will take you back to the nostalgic 80s with their vivid and laugh-inducing illustrations. Hang them in your home, office or in your collector's corner to add a dose of humor to your everyday life.

Garbage Pail Kids on the mug

Yes, of course we don't mean that you should take the Garbage Pail Kids into the toilet with you. When we say the mug, we of course mean the coffee mug.

Start your morning with a smile with our Garbage Pail Kids coffee mugs. Decorated with iconic GPK cards, these mugs are sure to get your day off to a great start.

Garbage Pail Kids on clothes

We offer a wide range of clothing, including T-shirts, caps, hats and sweatshirts, all with unique GPK motifs. Why not dress up as your favorite GPK character and show off your humorous side?

Why choose our Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise?

Retro Charm: Garbage Pail Kids is a cult classic from the 80s, and our products bring a pinch of that nostalgic charm back into your life.

Humor and Irony: GPK cards are known for their humor and irony, and our products capture that spirit perfectly. They are perfect conversation starters and will make you smile every time you look at them.

Breadth of Products: Our range includes a wide range of products, so whether you are a collector or just want something fun and unique, we have something to suit you.

Perfect Gift: Our Garbage Pail Kids products make excellent gifts for collectors, friends or family members who appreciate humor and retro culture.

So take a trip back to the 80s and discover our Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise collection. It's a chance to add a dose of humor and irony to your everyday life and pay homage to the iconic GPK aesthetic that has brought joy to generations of fans. Explore our range and let Garbage Pail Kids brighten your day!

Garbage Pail Kids as trading cards

Originally, Garbage Pail Kis was a series of trading cards from Topps. The cards went on sale in 1985 and they depicted different child characters, one more grotesque than the other. Cards with dark humor and grotesque versions of cartoon characters.

In 1987, the characters from the trading cards went to film. The film was not an immediate success. Later, a TV series with the characters was also produced, which was also released on DVD.

Sales went down quite quickly, only to pick up speed again in 2003. Then they released seven new series with The Garbage Pail Kids. In 2010, they also started reissuing the old cards under the name "Flashback" which also included new cards with the title "What happened next?".

In 2012 came another series called "Brand-New Series".