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The Flash

Here you will find our entire range with the classic super hero Flash. This lightning fast law enforcement superhero from DC comics deserves its own category.

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Flash like cartoon superhero

Flash is a tech super hero from the beginning created by DC Comics. Flash had its debut in 1940 and is an extremely fast-paced law enforcement officer. The Flash has during its history been three different people.

First off is what Jay Garrik who was an ordinary student at an American University. As the fastest-growing man in the world, he began to fight crime.

The first heir to Jay Garrik is the forensic engineer Barry Allen who is also considered the best known as Flash. Barry got his powers after the lightning struck in a cabinet of chemicals that hit Barry.

The third person to take the form of Flash is Wally West who is Barry Allen's nephew. Wally West got his powers in the same way as his uncle and was initially called Kid Flash and acted sidekick to his uncle. When Barry Allen loses his life, Wally West takes up his mantle to honor him.

T-shirt with The Flash logo

T-shirts and other clothing with the flash logo associated with Flash became extra popular after the TV series The Big Bang Theory. There you follow, among others, the archangel Sheldon Cooper, who is fascinated by the character Flash. You get to see him in the superhero costume as well as dream about conversations with the superhero.