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Superman kläder

Here you will find our range of clothes from one of the world's most classic superheroes - Superman!

We try to keep a wide range of clothes with Superman's logo where we want you to be able to find everything from T-shirts to warmer clothes such as sweatshirts and hoodies.

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Superman clothing online.

Superman's logo on clothes is a classic and timeless garment for those interested in the series. We try to keep a wide range where we want to be able to offer many different types of garments from the world's perhaps most classic superhero.

The Superman's logo is often associated with raw strength, as Superman's strength is one of his main forces.

Superman T-shirt.

We have several different variants of T-shirts with the superman's logo. Here you have T-shirts with worn Superman logos, plain logos and T-shirts with the text Superman above the classic logo.

The Superman or Superman has a diamond-shaped logo with a stem S circled. The ring and ring usually go in red with a yellow background and the logo is usually on a navy blue garment.

This is to resemble the suit that Superman draws on.
Superman T-shirt for girl.

Of course we also have Superman T-shirt for girls as well. Here you will find a fitted model on the T-shirt with sizes adapted for ladies. The female version of Superman is called Superwomen, logically enough.

Superwomen has gained its strength through a blood transfusion from Superman.

Who was Superman?

Superman as a superhero can probably not have missed but everyone may not know his background, although it can be seen as quite well-known.

Superman is a cartoon character that was first published in 1938. He was created by comedians Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Superman named on earth Clark Kent but his birth name was Kal-El. Kal-El was born on the planet Krypton but as an infant he was sent away in a spaceship just before the planet Krypton exploded. The spaceship landed on Earth where he was adopted by a family in the small fictional town of Smallville, Kansas.

There he gets the name Clark Kent and at an adult age he gets a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet which is one of Metropolis major newspapers. Through this job, he gets early knowledge of threatening events and it therefore helps him to help people in the best way.

At the newspaper, he works with Lois Lane, who is also unhappy in love. Unfortunately, Kent does not respond to his love when Louis Lane is in love with Superman.