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Cobra Kai - Karate kid

Here you will find all our stylish clothes from the big movie Karate Kid in modern design.

We have t-shirts for both men and women, hoodies and tank tops with the right attitude and fighting spirit!

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Welcome to our amazing selection of Cobra Kai apparel and merch, which pays homage to the timeless karate saga from the Karate Kid movies and the wildly popular Cobra Kai TV series. We are proud to offer you a unique opportunity to wear your love for the world of dojo fighting with style and elegance.

Cobra Kai Shirt - Wear the karate legend on your chest

Our Cobra Kai T-shirts are a tribute to karate legends like Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. Available in various sizes and colors, these T-shirts are not only comfortable to wear, but also bring a wave of nostalgia and excitement from the Cobra Kai franchise. Featuring iconic quotes and character portraits, you'll feel like part of the Cobra Kai dojo every time you wear your shirt.

Relive the Karate Kid story

With our wide selection of Cobra Kai merchandise, you can relive the classic story of Daniel and Johnny and their continued struggle into adulthood. Our sweatshirts, hoodies and longsleeves are perfect for keeping you warm while showing your karate faith. With high-quality prints and details inspired by the series, you will be part of the epic battle between the two rival dojos.

Cobra Kai Cap - Wear your loyalty proudly

Show your loyalty to your favorite dojo with our stylish Cobra Kai caps. Whether you're team Cobra Kai or team Miyagi-Do, we've got caps for you. These caps are not just an accessory; they are a symbol of your strength and determination, just like karate itself.

Mugs and more - Start your day with a kick

For a perfect start to the day, we also have mugs and other Cobra Kai merchandise. Drink your morning coffee or tea as you relive the excitement and drama of the Cobra Kai series.

So whether you're a die-hard fan of the classic Karate Kid movies or you've fallen in love with the new Cobra Kai series, we've got the perfect apparel and merch option for you. Explore our range and take your love of karate to the next level with our Cobra Kai clothing. Place your order now and be part of the legendary fight between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do!

Karate kid clothes

Clothing with prints from the movie Karate Kid can suit the old movie fan or the young energetic comic fan who has just discovered the exciting martial arts characters. The movie and the series give you the experience and feeling of being an underdog fighting your way up, despite the fact that no one believes in you. In the plot, you can follow the story of the old motto that hard work pays off, that your efforts eventually pay off. And that all the effort gives you many positive experiences in the end. Then you have to think about who you take advice from, young Daniel gets a fair teacher while Johnny gets somewhat inappropriate advice about foul play and showing no mercy.

Which team are you on? Cruel, angry Cobra Kai or wise, thoughtful Miyagi-Do Karate? We have t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops with matching prints that bring out your inner Karate Kid.

About Karate kid

In 1984, teenagers rushed to the cinemas and the quote "Wax on, wax off" from the film has hardly escaped anyone. And of course you were at home practicing "Tranan". The karate strike that Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel-san and that there should be no defense against.
Young Daniel LaRusso from New Jersey moves with his mother to sunny California and feels like he doesn't fit in the surfer's paradise, and he quickly finds himself in conflict. One day the gardener Miyagi steps in and saves Daniel from a group of youths who beat him up. It is the start of an instructive friendship where the old war veteran Miyagi teaches Daniel the old eastern art of karate and a lot of life wisdom. He then starts competing and meets Johnny from team Cobra Kai who is coached by the more hard-nosed Kreese who doesn't play fair but likes to do anything to win.

The film had two successful sequels and in 2010 a remake was made with Jayden Smith and action actor Jackie Chan. But the story did not end there, but in 2021 there was also a series "Cobra Kai" which continues and shows how the main characters fared when they grew up and had children of their own. Long after the competition that changed their lives, the rivalry between former adversaries Johnny and Daniel rekindles once again. Now we will probably hear the quotes, "Strike first, strike hard, show no mercy" and "Sweep the leg" again.