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Come Out And Play t-shirt Come Out And Play T-Shirt 2

Come Out And Play t-shirt

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Come Out and Play T-shirt

Are you tired of wearing boring clothes in the closet? Then this red t-shirt with Freddy Krueger Doodle is really something for you! For who doesn't want a scary serial killer on the chest? This t-shirt is perfect for those who love horror movies and at the same time want to stand out in the crowd. Freddy Krueger is known to be a nightmare inavader, and with this t-shirt you can scare your friends or maybe even yourself! In a cool manner of course.

What is it that makes us fascinated by the nasty? Maybe it's a kind of catharsis, to release our own fears by being confronted with them safely? Or maybe it's just because it's so damn exciting? Whatever the reason, this t-shirt is a perfect way to express your love for the horror genre, and at the same time look really cool. So venture out into the world and show off your inner Freddy Krueger!

  • officially licensed merchandise
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Possibly melted colors (called Heather) also contain polyester
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL
  • Gender: Mr.

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