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Morf tubing cloth

Morf Tubhalsduk is a multifunctional garment that can be used, for example, scarf, balaclava, hat, hair snap or do-rag.

The garment protects you effectively against cold, wind, sun, heat and dust.

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Morf, tubular canvas, snood, neck heater, multiscarf. A beloved child has many names. However, it is perhaps not so strange that just this garment is a piece of clothing that many love, since it is both handsome, practical and has many features. A tubular canvas is just like it sounds like a canvas shaped like a tub. You just drag the tube over your head and then cover your neck. You never have to worry about folding or tying your scarf. What makes the garment so practical is that you can pull the tube over your ears and choose whether you want to make it a hat or a headband. Your Mosh tubing cloth also works as a good balaclava when the bite bites your face or as a hair band when you need to keep your hair up. The applications are so many and in addition, the tubing fabric is very small and easy to carry everywhere. Morf tubing cloth has a very stretchy fabric that makes it easy to shape your body and gives maximum fit. In addition to protecting you from wind and cold, your morph tube canvas also protects you from sun, heat and dust.