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My mom says T-shirt my mom says t-shirt

My mom says..

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My mom says T-shirt.

This black T-shirt is a real mood booster for anyone who loves a good joke. With the text "My mom says god has a plan for everyone. I guess I was plan B!" it puts a humorous twist on the old adage about fate and predestination.

It's perfect for the self-deprecating soul who doesn't take life too seriously, or for someone who just wants to make people laugh. The t-shirt is a humorous reminder that we all have a place in the world, even if it feels like sometimes you're the backup plan.

Wear this T-shirt when you want to spread some laughter, or give it as a gift to someone who needs a reminder that it's okay not to always be 'plan A'. It is a comfortable fit for all occasions where a good dose of humor is as important as style.

Material: 100% Bomull.


Size Width Length
S 46 cm 68,5 cm
M 48,5 cm 71 cm
L 54,5 cm 73,5 cm
XL 59 cm 76 cm
XXL 64 cm 78,5 cm
3XL 68,5 cm 81 cm
4XL 73 cm 83,5 cm
5XL 77,5 cm 86 cm
Size Width Length
S 44 cm 64,5 cm
M 46,5 cm 65,5 cm
L 49 cm 66,5 cm
XL 51,5 cm 67,5 cm
XXL 54 cm 68,5 cm


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