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Jultröjor Herr och Dam

Are you looking for a nice and cozy jersey? Here we have collected all our clothing with inspiration from Christmas.

Christmas shirts, Christmas shirt and sweatshirts with Christmas motif.

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Christmas sweaters! Here you will find your favorite.

We have a lot of Christmas sweaters here and we hope you find your favorite. Once you have found your shirt, it will probably be a favorite for many years to come. If you want to be a little extra annoying, why not put it on a few months before and show that you really love Christmas.

We have many different motifs and have everything from ugly Christmas sweaters to nice rocking Christmas sweaters, but they all have the same theme, namely Christmas.

Max your Christmas.

If you want to create the absolute maximum Christmas feeling, we strongly recommend that you get a nice Christmas sweater. Having a special theme garment for Christmas Eve is a tradition that is appreciated by both young and old.

With a Christmas motif, you enhance the warm feeling of Christmas both in yourself and to all the people around you.

Here we have collected a bunch of different of our Christmas sweaters with prints, motifs and designs that are inspired by Christmas.

Here you will find everything from Christmas shirts, knitted Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts with Christmas motifs.

A stylish Christmas sweater also gives you a very cozy, relaxed and warm style that makes itself so perfect for Christmas celebrations.

Knitted Christmas sweater - a tradition

Knitted sweaters are from the beginning mainly a functional garment that insulates and keeps the heat in an effective way. An example of a classic knitted sweater whose main property is to keep warm is the classic Norwegian Lusek cardigan, whose knitted wool fabric and classic patterns can still be considered one of the forerunners of today's classic Christmas sweaters. For example, Lars Lerin was sitting in a louse cardigan when he acted as Christmas host on SVT on Christmas Eve 2020 and the knitted cardigan with its pattern really gives a cozy warm and wintry look that suits Christmas so well.

But in modern times, the pattern in knitting has not only become the classic stars and snowflakes. Today, the knitted Christmas sweaters are available in lots of patterns and not too rarely in purely humorous kinds. But the Christmas sweater has become a classic Christmas garment where we replace the strict suit and shirt with the more relaxed, warm and cozy knitted sweater. With a humorous finesse!

The Christmas sweater is a tradition that is here to stay.

Ugly and funny Christmas sweater

The Christmas sweaters are knitted with different patterns and were originally filled with snowflakes, stars and classic lice knitting as from the classic Norwegian Lice cardigan. But over time, it has become more personal and humorous Christmas sweaters where it started with a pair of mating reindeer to now have Christmas sweaters from Star Wars, flashing Christmas sweaters to pure hard rock Christmas sweaters. Now it's no longer just about having a tradition of always wearing the same cozy, warm and wintery Christmas sweater, but now it's a competition about who can find the ugliest and funniest Christmas sweater.

The patterns in the knitting are constantly coming in new vintages and you do not have to be afraid that the Christmas sweater will be too ugly. There is always someone who has found an even uglier Christmas sweater. But they are just as cozy for that!

Christmas sweaters for both men and women

We are constantly trying to hunt for new products so that we can offer an interesting range for everyone. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer a range of Christmas sweaters for both women and men. Here you will find everything from classic knitted Christmas sweaters to Christmas sweaters with more humorous patterns in the knitting.

Here is something for everyone.