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Tonka Clothing and Accessories

Discover our collection of officially licensed Tonka clothing and accessories.

From T-shirts to tote bags, let our products take you back to childhood adventures and create new memories.

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Tonka: From Toys to Legends

Tonka, a name that brings childhood memories to life and that over the years has come to symbolize sustainability and creativity. Tonka began its journey in 1947 in Mound, Minnesota.

Originally created to be more durable than the other toys on the market. Tonka therefore became synonymous with its almost indestructible steel toy vehicles.

This iconic brand has since been seen in homes all over the world, representing both quality and nostalgia. Each Tonka toy carries a story of adventure, imaginative play and unforgettable moments, cementing its place in the hearts of children and adults alike who treasure these timeless creations.

One wonders how many excavator operators, truck drivers and other practitioners in the automotive professions have found their passion thanks to Tonka.

Wear Tonka on your clothes

Are you perhaps one of those who found their passion thanks to your Tonka toys? Then pay tribute to this iconic brand by spreading its name, more than they have already done themselves.

To celebrate this legendary toy story, we're offering a collection of officially licensed Tonka apparel and accessories.

Our collection ranges from classic T-shirts and comfortable hoodies for both men and women, to versatile men's tank tops perfect for adventures under the sun.

But why should we stay there? Take your Tonka adventure one step further with our coffee mugs, practical tote bags and stylish caps. Every item in our collection is designed to bring memories to life and inspire new ones, no matter where your day takes you.

Your guide in the world of Tonka

At Dunken.se, we understand that the purchase of Tonka merchandise is more than just a simple purchase; it's an emotional nostalgia trip where you get the opportunity to relive and share the joys that Tonka has given us over the years.

Since 2003, we have specialized in offering high quality clothing and accessories. Our dedicated customer service team is here to offer guidance and support, whether you need help choosing the perfect gift or finding the right size for you.

Do you have questions or need advice about our Tonka collection?

Contact Us; our dedicated experts are here to guide you through your journey.