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STP Clothing and Accessories

Explore our collection of officially licensed STP merchandise.

From T-shirts to coffee mugs, discover how you can wear your passion for motorsport and STP's legendary heritage.

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STP Motor Oil: A revolution in engine care

STP, short for Scientifically Treated Petroleum, has been a pioneer in the motor oil industry since its founding in 1954. It began as a vision to create products that protect and improve the performance of engines and has grown into an icon in motorsports and car care.

Through decades of innovation and dedication to the world of motorsport, STP has become synonymous with high performance motor oil and reliable protection. The brand has earned a reputation that not only supports the longevity and performance of cars, but also the heart of racing culture.

This has created a loyal following, customers and fans. It is therefore no coincidence that we were able to get the opportunity to pick up a really wide and varied assortment of STP clothing and gadgets. Take your favorite brand with you outside the car and display your connection to the brand with pride.

Buy STP clothing online

That said, it is no coincidence that we can offer a wide range of clothing with motifs from STP. With more than a decade behind it of high-quality products for engine care, STP has created a loyal following.

That's why there's a huge boom in officially licensed STP clothing and accessories. Here you'll find everything from vintage-inspired T-shirts for men and women to functional men's tank tops, hoodies and baseball longsleeves, each piece has been designed to reflect STP's rich history and contribution to motorsport. We also offer zip hoodies for the cooler days as well as coffee mugs and caps to complement your style or collection.

Our range is a tribute to everyone who shares our passion for the motoring world and STP's indelible mark on it.

As your map reader on the road: Our committed customer service

We understand that every purchase is part of your story and your interest in the motoring world, and we are here to offer our expertise.

While we may not be motor oil or engine experts, our apparel and licensed merchandise knowledge is extensive.

Since 2003, we have proudly provided our customers with high quality products and our dedicated customer service is ready to guide you through your purchase.

Do you have questions or need advice about our STP collection? Our team of experts is just an email away.