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Leffe clothes and merchandise

Here you will find our wide range of merchandise from the Belgian beer Leffe.

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The beer brand Leffe on clothes

Among beer connoisseurs, the Belgian beer Leffe is a well-known name and the beer is marketed as a premium ale. We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of clothing that pays homage to the classic sticky beer Leffe with, among other things, T-shirts, tank tops and long-sleeved shirts in the range.

Here you can wear the Leffe logo in text format only or why not the shield-shaped logo found on beer labels.

Leffe - From monastery beer to commercial and premium ale

Leffe must not be considered a perfect example of monastic beer. The beer began to be brewed since 1240 in the convent of Notre-Dame de Leffe in Belgium. Nowadays, however, the beer is brewed at a commercial brewery in the Belgian city of Leuven. The recipe often includes herbs and spices, which the monks often used.

Over the years, the beer Leffe has suffered several disasters together with the monastery where it was brewed. In the year 1460, the monastery was destroyed by an extensive flood. In 1466 the monastery was set on fire. In 1735, the brewery section was damaged by troops who were then housed in the monastery. In 1794, the monastery was abandoned and the brewery was completely destroyed as a result of the French Revolution. But more than 100 years later - in 1902 the monks returned. In 1952, beer production could be resumed and Leffe has then survived all disasters.

Leffes logo

Leffe's logo consists of a shield-shaped frame in yellow shades and with the portrait of the monastery Notre-Dame de Leffe. Below the picture is the text logo Leffe in classic Gothic style and just below it is Anno 1240. The whole logo shows the origin of the beer and even though it is brewed in another place today, it is still so clear what the beer has survived.