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Corona Extra

Here you will find our entire range of clothes and other merchandise from the classic summer beer Corona.

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Clothes with Corona's logo

Corona as a beer probably doesn't really need a closer presentation. The light lager beer from Mexico has become a really classic, which does best on really hot summer days. It has actually become so popular that today it is one of the world's best-selling beers.

We are therefore proud to be able to offer a wide range of clothing and other merchandise with Corona Extra's logo. Here you can choose between everything from summery tank tops and T-shirts to warmer long-sleeved sweaters and hoodies. If you like the Corona beer, we will most likely have a garment that suits your taste.

Corona Extra - the Mexican bestseller

Corona Extra is today one of the world's best-selling beers. The beer is produced by Mexico's largest export brewery, Grup Modelo. The beer is bottled in glass bottles in different sizes, where the most common size in their home country is 32.5 cl. The beer is also bottled in smaller bottles of 25 cl and is then called Coronita. The slightly larger model is called Familiar and is bottled in 94 cl large bottles.

In some countries you can also find Corona in both barrels and cans.

However, Corona Extra is the most common in the Corona series and the beer is currently exported to over 150 different countries. The beer has a 4.5% by volume alcohol. Corona has a light taste and very low bitterness, which actually means that many who do not otherwise like beer like to drink Corona. But for the same reason, there are many beer lovers who are not at all happy in Corona.

Like many Latin American beers, Corona should be served well chilled and preferably with a citrus fruit tucked into the neck of the bottle. The most common are lime and lemon.