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Here you see our complete range of products from the German beer brand Beck's. A wide range of different products for the beer lover.

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Beck's - Germany's largest export beer

Beck's is a German beer brewed in Bremen. Beck's was founded in 1873 and, thanks to its proximity to the large port of Bremen, was able to create a large export at an early age. The beer is still produced in German Bremen at the brewery Beck & Co KG. Until 2002, the brewery was owned by local families but was then bought by InBev, which is now the world's largest beer producer.

Beck's is now Germany's largest export beer and is also brewed under license in China, Romania, Turkey, Montenegro, Namibia and Australia.

Beck's on clothes

Beck's is a large and well-established brand in the beer world. We are therefore proud to be able to offer a wide range of clothing with the German beer logo. Here you will find everything from classic merchandise such as T-shirts and hoodies to a little more unique caps and soft pants.

The different garments have varying motifs with everything from motifs taken from the beer labels to simple logos. Beck's logo is a mirror image of Bremen's city coat of arms, which is a shield with a key. The shield is in red and white, just like Bremen's coat of arms and state flag.

Bremen's shield with the key has been used in the city since 1366. The key is taken from Saint Peter who is considered the patron saint of Bremen's Cathedral. Saint Peter is said to have held a key in his left hand. Traditionally, this key should symbolize Bremen's key to the world.