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Norwegian sweater

Here we have gathered our entire range of sweaters, cardigans and cardigans inspired by the classic Norwegian garment - Lusekoftan.

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The traditional Norwegian knitted cardigan called Lusekofta or Setedal's sweater has spread from Norway and out into the world. This has given new versions of the classic garment and we can see clothing manufacturers all over our world who are inspired by the garment. Here we have collected all the menswear we have that has been inspired by Lusekoftan.

The louse cardigan is known for the warm knitted wool fabric and the pattern that is knitted in the cardigan. This lice pattern is something that many manufacturers have included in their garments, which you can see samples of among the products above. If you are looking for a louse cardigan for men or other garments with a louse pattern, you will most likely like our garments inspired by the louse cardigan.

Traditional Norwegian knitted sweater

The louse cardigan is traditionally knitted in wool and usually goes in black, gray and white shades on the pattern. These colors are the natural colors for wool. The garment comes from Norway and where it has been worn since the 19th century. In Norway, Lusekoftan has been taken from the knitted sweater used in the folk costume from Setesdalen in Aust-Agder county in southern Norway.

Today, Lusekoftan is considered an important part of the Norwegian cultural heritage.

The pattern of the louse cardigan

How Lusekoftan's pattern came about is something that could not be proven, but it is believed that the pattern was inspired by the previously called nightgowns that were knitted in silk threads. These nightgowns were often pattern-knitted with eight-leaf roses. Later, these patterns were knitted in two-color knitting, probably inspired by Fair Isle patterns and the fishing shirts from Iceland, France and Holland.

The lice pattern found on Lusekoftorna is a pattern where single stitches change color and look like small lice.