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Licensed sweatshirts for men

Here you will find our full range of licensed sweatshirts, where you can show your love for iconic films such as Batman, Jaws and Back to the Future, favorite TV series such as Breaking Bad, Beavis and Butthead and Cobra Kai, as well as classic beer brands such as Corona , Beck's and Budweiser.

Each sweatshirt is carefully crafted to celebrate these cult classics, offering both style and comfort for enthusiasts and fans alike. Whether you're looking to express your fandom or just want a unique and eye-catching design, our selection of licensed sweatshirts has something for everyone.

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A world of licensed motifs printed on Sweatshirts

Here you will find all our sweatshirts that have been decorated with motifs from world-famous licenses in film, series, beer, car brands and more. We at Oddsailor.com are proud to present a unique collection that allows you to display everything from exciting film adventures and iconic TV series to legendary comic books and your favorite beer brands. Here you will also find exclusive designs inspired by the most iconic car brands as well as tributes to the world's most loved musicians and bands.

In short, there is something here for everyone.

Movies & TV series on sweatshirts

Let your shirt tell you about your favorite characters and favorite scenes from the world of movies and TV series. Our sweatshirts are designed to represent the best in both classic and contemporary titles.

Our goal is to collect both modern licenses and classic licenses in both the film and TV series world.

T-shirts with comic books & beer brands

For the ultimate comic book lover, we offer a chance to carry your heroes and villains close to your heart. And for those of you who enjoy a good beer, why not display your taste with pride? Our beer brand sweatshirts combine style with comfort and show off your favorite brand in a subtle way.

It takes you from the anonymous fan to part of the brand's representation.

Car brands or musicians on the shirt

For car fanatics and music enthusiasts, we have sweatshirts that celebrate some of the most famous car brands and icons of music history. Wear your musical heart or your passion for speed on your chest with our range of high quality and officially licensed sweatshirts.

Our collection of licensed sweatshirts is perfect for those of you who want to show your passion while supporting your favourites. So sit down and browse our range today and find the perfect sweatshirt that speaks to you and your unique taste.